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Inside the Casting Studio - Live

...workshops and conversations within the industry

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Presented by LARTC

The first secret: There are no secrets.


This is the place to go to meet the

Industry people you need to know:



Casting Directors




Distribution People

and Others



Ask the questions you need to ask: 

Discuss your career 

Work with and learn from industry professionals

Stay up to date in this ever-changing business

Network with the people that have the answers

We host paid and free live events with

working industry professionals to advise you on:

 Strengthening your audition skills

 Improve your cold reading skills 

Improve your Interview skills

Create "stand out" Self-tapes

Get feedback about your work

Marketing  YOU

Pitching your script

 Meeting with writers/Showrunners

Working with Directors

Learning how to network effectively

and so much more.



 Regarding Casting Directors:

 These events/workshops are a learning experience. It is not an audition or an employment opportunity. When the workshop is over, the casting director/casting associate/casting assistant  teaching said workshop will not be taking home nor be given access to your headshot, resume, or any other of your promotional materials.

However, when you perform, the guest will view your headshot and resume- they will provide feedback, take notes, and give constructive criticism. After you perform, they will return your materials. 


This is NOT an audition for employment or for obtaining a Talent Agent or Talent Manager . This is an educational event only.

If you’ve been told that there are secrets about the business that Hollywood is keeping from you, now’s the chance to dispel that myth. 

Ask people who are working. 

The first secret: There are no secrets.

Everyone wants you to have the most current and up to date knowledge.  The better and more educated you are about the business, the better it is for everyone.


The industry has changed a lot and continues to change. 

From submissions to self-tapes, to creating content and pitching...

the landscape of the entire business is changing.


How do you stay relevant?

How do you fit in?



You need a place that tells you the truth about how the industry works, NOW.  

A place that dispels the rumors and speaks honestly and frankly.


You need a safe space to learn. 


I know you may think you never get a second chance to make a first impression, but in this space, you get to be you.  Ask what you want, take risks, overcome fears. 

Join us as with our guests, who are here to share their knowledge and teach you what you NEED to know.


Now is your chance to ask questions, discuss, work with and learn from industry professionals, who have a current working knowledge of our industry. You’ll learn from agents, managers, casting directors, producers, directors, masters of "the pitch", distributors, and any industry professionals that we can get, to impart information,  to you and to work with you in a safe environment.


If you have areas of interest that you do not see mentioned here or on our schedule,

please drop us a line on our email and we will try to bring someone in to address it.