FAQs for Inside the Casting Studio - Live events


We have always loved sharing our knowledge about the business with actors and love talking to other people in the business. These are our people!!! Our guests have a vast wealth of knowledge and sound advice that everyone benefits from. You are lucky to have found us.


Our classes always start with a Q& A with a moderator, generally Megan Foley  and/or Chuck Marra. Our guests will tell you first a bit about themselves  and how they got into the business. We find that most of our guests are super friendly and helpful and love to answers questions, so bring it on!!! 

Topics may include but are limited to Headshots, Resumes, Reels. the changing climate of the business, Union or non union or Fi-core. what they have learned in their years. These Q&A sessions will often be recorded ( with the guests permission) to used on our podcast.

Please bring a notebook and pen to take notes and if you are given scenes in advance, please be prepared and bring 2 copies of your scene. We will do many "cold read"  scenes but may do the occassional commercial or monologue (going old school)  too so be ready! Please read the class description of any specific notes.

Our classes are fairly short, so plan to stay the entire time. You never know what you will learn by watching others or hear advice that was meant for you. In extreme emergencies we will let you go early but only if it is arranged prior to class.


All sales are final. If you cancel 48 hours prior to the start of the workshop, you will receive a credit for the full amount which you can use towards any other workshop. If you cancel with less than  48 hour notice, you will not receive credit unless your spot  in a SOLD OUT workshop is filled. 


Bring your headshot and resume and a link to your reel. You will get them all back at the end of the session.

Bring a notebook and pen to take notes.

You may bring water or coffee but not food please.

Cellphones off during class.

If your insructor gives you sides in advance (Uncommon) please bring two copies of the sides and be prepared.

It never hurts to have a monologue prepared  or a spare scene you like, just in case.

Questions for our guest.. do some research and find out about them


Please note-- we have a 48 hour cancellation policy. If you are outside time frame, you will be credited the amount paid for the event. In the case that you cancel less than 48 hours before, you will only be credited if your spot is filled. NOTE: This will only happen if the spot is filled in a sold out workshop.  

Credits are issued from our offic NOT from Paypal.


Because we are hiring working professionals to come in and share their time and expertise with you, sometimes things come up in their office which mean we have to  bring in an associate, cancel or reshcedule. In the  unlikely event that that does happen,a refund will not be given HOWEVER you will be given a credit for the amount paid for, which an be used for any  available upcoming event. Credits are issued from our office and NOT from paypal.


NO THE WILL NOT. Please note: workshops are a learning experience. It is not an audition or an employment opportunity. When the workshop is over, the casting director/casting associate/casting assistant (whichever is applicable) teaching said workshop will not be taking home nor be given access to your headshot, resume, or any other of your promotional materials.

However, when you perform, the guest will view your headshot and resume- they will provide feedback, take notes, and give constructive criticism. After you perform, they will return your materials. 

FAQs for The Foley Marra Project Classes


This is a 6 month class with a contract.   Payment is due before the first of every month and a deposit of the last month is required to get you started. After the first 2 weeks, if you decide to drop the class, you are still responsible for the full 6 month payment, but can be credited towards other classes, live events or private coaching. Credits are issued by us and NOT from Paypal.


This is a 6 month class with a contract. This class is limited in size and has a 6 month contract. We cannot hold your place in class without payment as there is a wait list to get into this class. Payment is due before the first of every month. Credits are issued by us and NOT from Paypal.


No refunds are given but credit may be given to be applied to other classes or private coaching.

The scene study class is a month to month class but requires a last month deposit to get started. Thirty day notice to quit is required and this allows scene partners the opportunity to complete their work on a scene. Credits are issued by us and NOT from Paypal.


No refunds are given but credit may be given to be applied to other classes or private coaching.

The Actors Blue Print is a 10 week class which requires paymet of at least half to get started and the remaider eeithing 4 weeks./ If after the first week you do not like the class, you may get a credit for the remainder that you have paid to be applied to other classes, events, or coaching.Credits are issued by us and NOT from Paypal.