Scenes for Reel

So your reel isn't getting you work? 

 or don't have a reel at all?

 You need a reel, a good reel.

The scenes on your reel should show Casting Directors & Agents how you handle a scene;

what you can do and how well you can do it.

As Casting Directors we've seen thousands of reels that look and sound alike.


Who wants that?


That's where we come in to help you.

We create new scenes just for your reel, produced by people who know how to do it.

We are Award-Winning Casting Directors of film and theatre and have worked together for over for 30 years.

We know what Casting Directors, Agents, and Producers want in a reel and

how to get the performances that you need, out of you.  


You need to stand out.

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Our award-winning films have received multiple "Best Actor"  and "Best Director"awards and nominations,

and we bring that experience to your performance


You also get the experience of working on a set with professionals and having to "bring it" when it is on the line.

We will work with and your scene partner to get the best performances we can get out of you on the day.

Let us take care of everything so all you have to worry about is you.

We have two options for shooting scenes for your reels, so choose what works best for you.


Whatever you chose, it will start with a consultation about what you need and what script/style/genre works to accomplish that.

the details

The details

What everyone gets:


  • DIRECTED BY AWARD-WINNING Directors/Casting Directors

  • Scene written and designed specifically for you by professional writers

  • Shot on Professional Equipment  (4k camera, full lighting  and sound packages) 

  • Sound recorded by Award-winning Sound Designer

  • Edited and color corrected by professional editors

  • Scene delivered to you in 10 business days or less

  • You will receive:

    • a 4KUHD copy of the edited scene

    • a HD copy for posting on casting sites

    • An Instagram-ready copy of the scene.

  • Professional hair and makeup artists available*

*Hair and Makeup $100 for the shoot. They will stay set to freshen up hair and makeup throughout your shoot, or you may bring your own artist (they must follow our Covid Compliance rules)   


Option 1


  • Consultation

  • Schedule a shoot date and put down your deposit.

  • We provide a scene written specifically with your wants and needs in mind

  • We provide a professional actor to be your scene partner

  • Pay balance due

  • Show up camera ready and prepared

  • We will spend 1.5 to 2 hours rehearsing, blocking, and shooting

  • Within 10 days you will receive a fully edited, color corrected version of your scene with sound and sound effects added as needed.

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Option 2


  • All of Option 1 PLUS you can bring another actor to work with you and split the cost.

  • Consultation with both actors

  • Both actors get a discount

  • Easy payment plan separated out

  • Each actor gets a copy of the scene focused primarily on them

  • Script will show off each actor equally.

Option 3

$499/per actor

With the same great quality, you have come to expect from

Foley Marra Casting and Studios,

this is another option.

Get new material as easy as 1,2,3!

  • You book the time (see available dates)

  • You pick a set (no action or outdoor scenes)

  • You write a :30 scene (with that set in mind)

  • You find a scene partner (or we cast one *)

  • You show up on set (camera-ready)

  • You get a blocking rehearsal (gotta get comfy)

  • We shoot you (two Casting Director/Directors)

  • We edit it  (in less than 7 business days)

  • We sound design it (effects & music too if needed)

  • You get it on your reel (We know people if. you don't)

  • Go book like crazy (No promises but your chances are better)