OUR Clients SAY...

 Susan Damante - If you want to take charge of transforming your career in the entertainment industry, interview for the Foley Marra Project...
No BS.I have signed with an agent, written two plays, revitalized my solo show, and wrote/starred in/executive produced my first short. 
Plus they are loving, -Supportive people who sometimes kick Ya in the butt!
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Margaux Mireault -

Nothing feels better than having creative control of what footage I put online with my reel! I knew what type of footage I was missing and was so exited to write the script and work with the team and my scene partner to bring it to life. This could get addicting.... watch out world! 


Maggie Egan - I can’t recommend this class enough. Do yourself a favor, take this class and recommend it to any actor you know in whom the light in their eyes is fading. These two will breath new life and passion into your career. It’s hard to explain it. You just have to experience it. read more

Pat Frey - This is where it all began for me 4 years ago. A talent manager, a commercial agent and theatrical agent. A Sprint commercial. Two TV shows and two more I can't talk about. I've written plays and performed in them. 

Patch Moore - I’ve done 4 Plays with them, written 5 or 6 scripts, got a new manager, booked a Sprint commercial and the list keeps on growing every day!
If you’re looking for a class this one is a prime candidate 

If I haven’t said it before THANK YOU FOR YOU. for all you have given. Not only to me, but to everyone else that walks into your studio excited to learn. You guys are one of a kind !

Angelina Ramirez - My teachers for 3 years strong, and have been the best mentors. Chuck studied with Lee Strasberg and using Lee Strasberg method has made me grow as an actor in ways I never imagined. They even take students long distance! read more

 Rio Kelley - Thanks to Megan, Chuck. They are Amazing!! This work has brought me HOME again and I am beyond grateful!! The Project Rocks!! read more

  Jacob Glenn Aquino- I encourage you to reach out to Megan and inquire about The Project ...is easily the best class and environment you could ask for. .(5 seasons) read more

Jessa Pyette - I wanted to give a shout out to Chuck Marra and Megan Foley Marra who have been the best mentors, teachers, and directors I could've ever asked for. They have helped me grow more than I ever thought I could as an actress...and as a person. I'm so honored to be their student everyday.

Donavan Brown -  Words can't express how much the The Foley-Marra Project has changed me. If you want learn from people who have done it, create content, learn techniques practiced by the greats, and master yourself, this is the one. Thanks for such an amazing start to 2018, and the rest of my life and career.read more

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