: The term you hear right before you start to shoot

Picture's UP!

You need something new

for your reel? 

Impressive, affordable and quick?


With the same great quality you have come to expect from Foley Marra Casting and Studios,

this is another option.

Get new material as easy as 1,2,3!

  • You book the time (see available dates)

  • You pick a set (no action or outdoor scenes)

  • You write a :30 scene (with that set in mind)

  • You find a scene partner (or we cast one *)

  • You show up on set (camera ready)

  • You get a blocking rehearsal) (gotta get compfy)

  • We rehearse and shoot you (to get your best perfomance)

  • We edit it  (in less than 7 business days)

  • We sound design it (effects & music too if needed)

  • You get it on your reel (We know people if. you don't)

  • Go book like crazy (No promises but your chances are better)



$499 per actor (find a friend to do the scene with or we'll Hire a pro for an extra 100 fee for them)

Upcoming Dates:
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June 17
July 10
July 24
August  7
August 21
September 11

Camera's UP!

The Fine Print

Your script needs to be in the professional screenplay format, so please use Final Draft or Celtx. Your scene CANNOT be longer than one page, using the professional screenwriting format. We will reformat it if necessary for $25. Why so short? Because we know how much a Casting Director wants to see.

Your scene needs to be to us 7 days before your shoot for approval.

Once your time is booked,  the date is yours and we start to hire our crew, so please make sure about the date before you sign up.
We have several different types of sets, all indoor locations. We encourage you to bring pieces and props to make it your own so it will have a personal feel to it.

Hopefully, you have a scene partner that you want to work with, so they need to sign up as well. If you do not, we can provide a professional actor for you (*additional $100) or you can write a monologue.

Please remember you may not use any previously published materials without express permission from the author, so get creative and have fun.

Show up at the set a few minutes early, hair and makeup done. Gentlemen and kids, you should also powder so your skin doesn't shine on camera. We will not have time to do this onset. We start on time and we want you to be ready.

Bring wardrobe options but wear your first choice. We may not have time to change your wardrobe, but we want to pick the best look for you and the scene. Avoid small patterns and shirts with large logos. Camera check your outfit if you can.

Please eat and be well-rested the night before. We move pretty quickly and want you on "your game".

We will rehearse a few times to get blocking and acting nailed down, but it should go without saying, you should know your dialogue and make your choices before you get here. If you are working with a partner, also rehearse with them before you arrive at least once or twice. This is not cheap so don't throw your money away. Be prepared!

We will let you see how you, the set and lighting look before we wrap so you can approve it.

The footage then gets turned over to our editors and sound designers. You will have a fully edited and sound designed copy for your reel and online services in 7 business days or less

You will get a chance to approve everything we are doing through the entire process. Since everything is done with your approval, we do not offer refunds or re-shoots.

We treat this as a professional set. Please do the same.

Please read our FAQs page for any other questions or email us at :