needing a reel?
   looking for New scenes for your reel?
       looking to Update your reel?

You now have options and we can help!



The Reel Intensive

Join us for a 6 week class that focuses not only on your acting and character development, but also on your marketing as an actor, your auditioning skills and understanding of the 

Method as a tool and not a style

Finally, you will create and shoot create a scene for your reel.

We take care of ALL the production work. 

View Samples Here


If you want to be in control of how the business sees you, and what you are bringing to the business, this is the class for you.

At the end of 6 weeks,  you will have a new scene for your reel and a better of understanding of how you fit in this business.


Limited to 10 students

Scenes for Reel-3.jpg

Scenes for reel

If you do not have the time to take a class to develop your scene 

or the desire to take a class,

 THIS is the way for you to go.

We write, cast, shoot, edit, and release your scene for you.

You can do it alone 

or do the scene with a friend.

You can leave it all the production worried us to us